09 October 2011

A man with world's largest feet

Brahim Takioullah

Assalamualaikum and nite all...

Tonight i want to share something that really cool to me..
thats about a man with world's largest feet...
ahahha..yups..its really make me feel very gratefull
to being normal..

The first thing that people notice about Brahim Takioullah
is not his feet-which he hopes will make him famous-
but his enermous height.He stands more than 8 foot(246 cm) tall.

Judges from Guinness World Record came to measure him
and confirmed hsi suspicion that he had record-breaking feet
: his left measuring one foot three inches(38.1cm) in length
and his right,one foot 2.76 inches

Brahim Takioullah cannot stand up stright in the small flat
he shared with his mother,has difficulty getting into the taxi or the Metro,
and can never moved around without atrracting  attention.

Brahim Takioullah is form Morocco,and grew up in a small village
-grew up fast.In one year in his teens he put on more than 3 feet(1 metre)
in a spurt.

Now 29,no one thought to investigate his unusual size until he was 18.

"He hopes one day to have a specially built car he could drive himself,
but for now even getting a pair of shoes stretches his budget-
he takes European size 58,which no shop ever stocked"

This record now will be known around the world,
and experts anyway around the planet may be able to help....

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