19 July 2011

Google+ hits 10 million users~WoW!!!

Google +, Google's social networking experiment is officially 10 million users strong, says a report in CNET.

Google CEO Larry Page confirmed the number while presenting the company’s second-quarter earnings recently.

He also revealed that more than 1 billion items had been shared each day on the service.

Launched in late June with an invite-only testing phase, it immediately received an overwhelming number of demands for accounts, forcing Google to disable its invites for a full day within a few hours of the launch.

It is, however, unclear how many invites flooded the service before it was disabled.

With unique features like ‘Hangouts’, ‘Huddle’ and ‘Sparks’, it is Google’s biggest and boldest attempt to rival social network giant Facebook.

Facebook now boasts more than 750 million active users- a tall order for Google to match at this moment.

Socialstatistics.com states that Larry Page is currently the second most followed user on the service behind Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

                                  MARK ZUCKERBERG WITH FACEBOOK

Should Zuckerberg start worrying? Will Google + unseat Facebook as the top social media website? Only time, and Google + users, will tell.

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