20 July 2011

Google+ app now on iPhone

iPhone users can finally join their Android counterparts on Google+. The app made its way into Apple’s App Store today.

The Apple app looks a lot like the Android app with all the standard Google+ features like ‘Stream’, ‘Circles’ and ‘Huddle’, but unlike Google+ on Android which was made available from Day One, iPhone users had to wait almost three weeks for it to arrive at the App Store on July 20.

The current version available for download is 
Google+ is Google’s biggest and boldest attempt to rival social network giant Facebook.  

Some 10 million users have signed up with Google + since its launch in late June.

According to International Business Times, there is a rumour circulating that Apple intentionally delayed the launch of the app for no apparent reason.

The current Apple-friendly Google+ app, however, is only available on the iPhone.  

iPad and iPod touch users are still left out for the time being.  Similarly, there are no details on when or if, the app will be available on BlackBerry or Windows Mobile.

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